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The importance of loving yourself – 3 reasons why you should love yourself

The importance of loving yourself

In order for us to begin loving and accepting ourselves, we need to first get a feel for true reality and what everyday individuals, and life too for that matter, is all about. Forget about these “perfect” celebrities and models you see in magazines and on the TV because truthfully what you see before you will be photo-shopped and edited like you wouldn’t believe. There are a number of different ways in which we can love ourselves, we can read inspirational love yourself quotes at or in books, we can attend seminars and classes etc, we can ask others, and we can use our own initiative. There are many different ways to love yourself, and ultimately it will benefit you in ways that you could never imagine. Take a look at these 3 reasons why you should love yourself and see what you can do to make a change in your life for the better.

You will be free – If you learning to love yourself requires you to read various inspirational love yourself quotes online or in a book, or to speak to others who are perhaps experienced in the field then that is exactly what you should do. When you learn to love yourself you will finally be free. Most people spend their whole lives searching for what society sees as “perfection” I.E a huge bank balance, a well paying career, a perfect partner, perfect children, a perfect home, and the perfect body. If some people don’t have all of the above however, they are never truly happy as they are always searching for more. If you instead let things go, love yourself, and accept yourself, you will finally be free. This does NOT mean you can’t improve your life, it just means that perhaps you should reassess things and take a step back.


You will finally be happy – Again, say you’re trying to get in shape, if you measure your body and your fitness goals with other people, you yourself will never be content. You could drop down from 36% body fat to 12% body fat, looking fitter and healthier than ever before, yet if you go with fitness models and other people as inspiration and targets, you may find yourself beating yourself up for being 12% body fat instead of 10% body fat. Instead, focus on the positives, remind yourself how amazing you look compared to before ,read some positive quotes about life getting better (if you weren’t happy with how you looked before) and be happy in your victory.


You will become stronger – By loving yourself, you will become a much stronger person, both physically and mentally, as learning to accept flaws and imperfections takes a very strong person indeed. Anybody can dwell on imperfections and things they aren’t happy with, but in order to accept these things and embrace them, you will need to be incredibly strong willed indeed. Nobody is perfect, and the sooner we realise this and love ourselves anyways, the sooner we can get on with loving life and experiencing it to its fullest.

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