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Effective ways of staying positive and motivated in the face of adversity

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to find the motivation to simply get out of bed in a morning, never mind to actually accomplish certain tasks and goals we may have set ourselves. As positive an individual as you may be, at times there will be negativity creeping into your life that will affect you in a, well, in a negative way. Negativity can then lead to a lack of motivation and a lack of motivation can be very troubling indeed. If you find yourself struggling to find the motivation and struggling to stay positive and love yourself  in the face of negativity, take a look at these handy tips designed to help you out.

staying positive

Read some inspirational quotes – Motivational and inspirational quotes to live by are currently hugely popular all over the internet, and rightfully so. These quotes may seem like mere words to some of you, but to others they may be mantras in which all life is based. If you find yourself feeling negative and lacking motivation, take a look at a few inspirational and motivational quotes and you’ll be amazed by just how much of a difference they can really make. You can read some inspirational and encouraging strong women quotes for strong girls or women if you are female, or you can read some motivational quotes about being strong to give you strength. Sometimes, all you need is just to let go of the past or what you belief and just moving on with your life.


Cut negativity out of your life – Negativity is contagious, if you surround yourself with negative people and negative influences, you yourself will quickly become negative, which is the last thing you want. If you’re around people that are constantly moaning, constantly complaining, and always focussing on the negatives rather than the positives, either remove them from your life, or, point out their negativity, explain why it’s so detrimental, and encourage them to become more positive instead. If you find yourself being affected by negative news headlines or TV shows, don’t read them or don’t watch them. We know life isn’t perfect, but reflecting on negatives is not productive in the slightest.


Become more positive and optimistic – There are two types of people in this world, there are optimists and there are pessimists. A pessimist for example, may be given a Lottery scratch card, will scratch it and win 5 bucks, yet will complain about how it should have been 10. An optimist however, will be thankful for the gift, will be thankful for the 5 bucks, and will now reflect on the fact that they’re 5 bucks better off than they were this morning. Always try to focus on positive aspects of life rather than the negatives.


Remind yourself you call the shots – If you’re trying to lose weight for example, and are struggling to find the motivation to diet or go to the gym, just remember that you call the shots and you yourself are in control of your own fate. If you’re serious about losing weight, it all comes down to you, nobody else. You have to truly want it, and sometimes all it takes is for you to remind yourself of this fact, and all of a sudden it becomes a much less daunting ordeal. If you do break your diet after a bad day, even a bad week, you can either spend time feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like you’ve failed, or you can simply tell yourself that what is done is done, and can instead focus on ensuring that the next day/week, you stay on track and perhaps work even harder to lose any weight you may have gained.


Use mistakes to your advantage – When some people make mistakes, they will curse, get angry, get upset, and beat themselves up. If you make mistakes however, and rest assured that you will because you’re only human, you can actually use them to your advantage by learning from them and remembering never to make them again. By learning from your mistakes, you turn them from negatives into positives.


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