Sunsets, Seen Through Beautiful And Inspiring Quotes

Some days one needs a little beauty and inspiration in their life, and what better way to get that than beautiful sunset quotes?


Mahatma Gandi once said that he admired the wonders of a sunset because it made his soul expands in worship. Wither one believes in a divine creator or not, sunsets do seem to reach into the soul and touch something bigger and greater in their beauty. The world somehow feels better, greater, than the immediate. Perhaps those vibrant colors are there to remind one that they are only a smaller part of the whole, and for their soul to sing along with the universe.


Elbert Hubbard, American writer and philosopher who lived in the late 1800s believed that the sunset could also be used as a goal, a time frame to evaluate the success of a day. To know what one wanted to do that day and hold on to that thought firmly, and by the end of the day when the sunset was seen, would make one much closer to that goal. A sunset does mark the beginning of the end of a date, a good way to measure progress, or lack thereof. One can always reset up goals for the next day if the measure falls short.


Musician Amy Grant went a bit more personal and introspective on sunsets when she said to get outside and watch the sunset. Then examine how that sunset made one feel, if they felt big or tiny. She felt it there was something positive in feeling both big and tiny at the same time. It is alright to have conflicting feelings about life, about one’s place in things. Acknowledgements of those conflicts are part of growth, part of life, part of the human experience.


Actress Jennifer Garner has said that she uses kid’s to help her remember her past, and the joys in her future. Garner said that sunsets made her think of her own mother who insisted she stop and enjoy the small beauties in a beautiful day. Now she stops her children, sometimes even when in the car to be sure they stop and smell the roses, or watch the sunset. When she does, she said she heard her mother’s voice again in her mind. Memories are valuable, making new ones just as important. Even if one doesn’t have memories of past sunsets, there is always time to stop, take some time, and make new memories with one’s loved ones or one’s own self, of a beautiful moment in time like a sunset.


Perhaps 1913 Nobel Prize recipient Rabindranath Tagore stated it the best, when he said that he saw it as a matter of perspective. “Clouds…floating into my life, no longer [to bring] rain or …storm, but… add color to my sunset.” Life can be rough, but there is always a point of color, like an unexpected sunset to inspire one on. Storms will occur, plans and paths will change. One will get lost, scared, lost… but each of those things help mold and shape humanity and can be utilized for growth. If life were all sun and easy, it would not only be boring, it wouldn’t facilitate growth. Perspective, like Tagore focusing on the good of the clouds and not the bad, helps make those experiences positive. Sunset quotes can help this process.

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funny morning quotes to start your day with a smile

When we wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, ideally we would like to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, happy, and ready to take on the day and what lies ahead, which is where funny morning quotes and sayings can prove so useful. However, some of us wake up feeling sluggish, tired, lethargic, and we just basically can’t seem to get ourselves into the right frame of mind. When you wake up in a morning, rather than feeling tired, grumpy, and irritable, as if you got out of the wrong side of bed, you would much rather prefer to start your day with a smile, which is why we’ve compiled this list of funny morning quotes that are guaranteed to help you start your day with a smile.


‘Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful’. – Prince


This first quote from Prince, is basically telling us to treasure each day we’re here on this earth. The world is a pretty beautiful place if you truly appreciate all that you have, so be thankful.


‘It’s a new day, grab some coffee and be awesome’ – Anon


Some of us need a little pick me up in the morning to help get us fired up and alert, which is why we rely on the caffeine found in coffee. Once we have our coffee, many of us feel unstoppable.


‘I always say “Morning” instead of “good morning” because if it was really a good morning, I’d still be in bed asleep’. – Anon


This quote is particularly humorous because it is talking about the fact that we often find ourselves waking up feeling tired and wanting even more time in bed to sleep.


‘It hurts when somebody you love says something awful to you, like “it’s time to wake up”. – Anon


This funny morning quotes is playing on the overly emotional quotes you often see being shared on social media pages. To begin with we feel it is going to be deep and emotional, until the end when we realise it is meant in humour.


‘Some people want to have full conversations with you first thing in the morning, and it’s ok to kill those people’. – Anon


Of course it isn’t really ok to kill anybody, but we can all relate to the fact that, in a morning, until we have woken up slightly, the last thing most of us will want to do is to engage in a full conversation with somebody.


So there we have it, just five funny morning quotes that should help put a smile on your face and help you to face the trials and tribulations of the day that lies ahead. Some people wake up easier than others, but what we can all agree on, is the fact that starting the day with some funny daily quotes and sayings, will make our day that little bit happier and exciting.

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