Tips on how to stay motivated to be exercise regularly and be healthy

As far as living a productive, healthy, and happy life, we all obviously know just how important it is to watch what we eat and drink, and make sure that we get plenty of regular physical activity and exercise. The problem however, is that whilst on paper these are all very simple things, in reality, things aren’t quite as black and white. If healthy living really was as simple as people make it out to be, the world wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity pandemic, and instead, life expectancies would be higher than ever, and people would be fitter and healthier than ever before. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to exercise regularly and eat and drink healthy produce, here are a few tips designed to help you out.


Read motivational quotes – Words can be incredibly influential and motivational if used correctly, and for anybody struggling to find their get up and go, perhaps a few motivational daily quotes is all that they need to get back up and running. Motivational quotes will work differently with different people, that’s what makes them so unique, because often, all that it takes is one quote that really speaks volumes, which we can really relate to, that puts life into perspective and can perhaps encourage us to make healthy changes to our diets and lifestyles in order to prolong our lives, look better, feel better, and just generally be healthier and happier as a result.


Listen to your favourite music – It doesn’t matter whether you work out at the gym, whether you train at home, whether you go for a jog around your local park, or anything else for that matter, you should never underestimate the power of your favourite music as it can make one heck of a difference to your training. If you’re stuck in the gym, listening to generic cheesy pop music blaring from the gym speakers, why not use your iPod or similar device, to listen to your favourite music instead? Simply place your earphones in, switch the music on, and get down to business.


Visualise your goals – If you’ve made the decision to get more exercise and to eat healthier, why are you doing this? If for example, your primary motivation is to lose weight so that you look better, make sure you take the time to really visualise your goals in your mind. If you have a favourite outfit you wish to wear, visualise yourself wearing it, after having dropped a substantial amount of weight. Think how much better you’ll feel, think of the compliments you will receive, and think how much healthier and happier you will be as a result.

Action – Without action, It doesn’t matter how good your goal or plan is. Simply remember: Don’t procrastinating, Just Do it.


Treat yourself to new clothing – One of the best things about dropping weight and getting fitter and healthier, is being able to fit into smaller, and probably better clothes. If you drop a decent amount of weight, treat yourself to new clothing and focus on just how much better you look. A new wardrobe or new outfit is a great motivational tool that will help keep you on track and will help you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit you in numerous ways in the near future.

The importance of loving yourself – 3 reasons why you should love yourself

The importance of loving yourself

In order for us to begin loving and accepting ourselves, we need to first get a feel for true reality and what everyday individuals, and life too for that matter, is all about. Forget about these “perfect” celebrities and models you see in magazines and on the TV because truthfully what you see before you will be photo-shopped and edited like you wouldn’t believe. There are a number of different ways in which we can love ourselves, we can read inspirational love yourself quotes at or in books, we can attend seminars and classes etc, we can ask others, and we can use our own initiative. There are many different ways to love yourself, and ultimately it will benefit you in ways that you could never imagine. Take a look at these 3 reasons why you should love yourself and see what you can do to make a change in your life for the better.

You will be free – If you learning to love yourself requires you to read various inspirational love yourself quotes online or in a book, or to speak to others who are perhaps experienced in the field then that is exactly what you should do. When you learn to love yourself you will finally be free. Most people spend their whole lives searching for what society sees as “perfection” I.E a huge bank balance, a well paying career, a perfect partner, perfect children, a perfect home, and the perfect body. If some people don’t have all of the above however, they are never truly happy as they are always searching for more. If you instead let things go, love yourself, and accept yourself, you will finally be free. This does NOT mean you can’t improve your life, it just means that perhaps you should reassess things and take a step back.


You will finally be happy – Again, say you’re trying to get in shape, if you measure your body and your fitness goals with other people, you yourself will never be content. You could drop down from 36% body fat to 12% body fat, looking fitter and healthier than ever before, yet if you go with fitness models and other people as inspiration and targets, you may find yourself beating yourself up for being 12% body fat instead of 10% body fat. Instead, focus on the positives, remind yourself how amazing you look compared to before ,read some positive quotes about life getting better (if you weren’t happy with how you looked before) and be happy in your victory.


You will become stronger – By loving yourself, you will become a much stronger person, both physically and mentally, as learning to accept flaws and imperfections takes a very strong person indeed. Anybody can dwell on imperfections and things they aren’t happy with, but in order to accept these things and embrace them, you will need to be incredibly strong willed indeed. Nobody is perfect, and the sooner we realise this and love ourselves anyways, the sooner we can get on with loving life and experiencing it to its fullest.

Effective ways of staying positive and motivated in the face of adversity

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to find the motivation to simply get out of bed in a morning, never mind to actually accomplish certain tasks and goals we may have set ourselves. As positive an individual as you may be, at times there will be negativity creeping into your life that will affect you in a, well, in a negative way. Negativity can then lead to a lack of motivation and a lack of motivation can be very troubling indeed. If you find yourself struggling to find the motivation and struggling to stay positive and love yourself  in the face of negativity, take a look at these handy tips designed to help you out.

staying positive

Read some inspirational quotes – Motivational and inspirational quotes to live by are currently hugely popular all over the internet, and rightfully so. These quotes may seem like mere words to some of you, but to others they may be mantras in which all life is based. If you find yourself feeling negative and lacking motivation, take a look at a few inspirational and motivational quotes and you’ll be amazed by just how much of a difference they can really make. You can read some inspirational and encouraging strong women quotes for strong girls or women if you are female, or you can read some motivational quotes about being strong to give you strength. Sometimes, all you need is just to let go of the past or what you belief and just moving on with your life.


Cut negativity out of your life – Negativity is contagious, if you surround yourself with negative people and negative influences, you yourself will quickly become negative, which is the last thing you want. If you’re around people that are constantly moaning, constantly complaining, and always focussing on the negatives rather than the positives, either remove them from your life, or, point out their negativity, explain why it’s so detrimental, and encourage them to become more positive instead. If you find yourself being affected by negative news headlines or TV shows, don’t read them or don’t watch them. We know life isn’t perfect, but reflecting on negatives is not productive in the slightest.


Become more positive and optimistic – There are two types of people in this world, there are optimists and there are pessimists. A pessimist for example, may be given a Lottery scratch card, will scratch it and win 5 bucks, yet will complain about how it should have been 10. An optimist however, will be thankful for the gift, will be thankful for the 5 bucks, and will now reflect on the fact that they’re 5 bucks better off than they were this morning. Always try to focus on positive aspects of life rather than the negatives.


Remind yourself you call the shots – If you’re trying to lose weight for example, and are struggling to find the motivation to diet or go to the gym, just remember that you call the shots and you yourself are in control of your own fate. If you’re serious about losing weight, it all comes down to you, nobody else. You have to truly want it, and sometimes all it takes is for you to remind yourself of this fact, and all of a sudden it becomes a much less daunting ordeal. If you do break your diet after a bad day, even a bad week, you can either spend time feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like you’ve failed, or you can simply tell yourself that what is done is done, and can instead focus on ensuring that the next day/week, you stay on track and perhaps work even harder to lose any weight you may have gained.


Use mistakes to your advantage – When some people make mistakes, they will curse, get angry, get upset, and beat themselves up. If you make mistakes however, and rest assured that you will because you’re only human, you can actually use them to your advantage by learning from them and remembering never to make them again. By learning from your mistakes, you turn them from negatives into positives.


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3 Simple ways to stop procrastinating

“Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.”
– Michael Landon

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives – had an important task to complete and yet have done everything in our power to waste as much time as possible, on absolutely nothing, and leave it all until the last minute when in actual fact, if we’d started when we set out to start, we could have already been finished. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, it has never been easier to procrastinate than right now. One minute you could be researching information on your latest business report or project, and the next thing you know, you’ll be on the internet looking at success quotes, motivational posters, and funny images of animals. Procrastination makes life difficult when it needn’t be, yet unfortunately it’s far harder to overcome than many people realise. Some days you’ll begin work first thing in the morning, you’ll get your head down, and you’ll power through, getting as much done as possible in a relatively short amount of time. Other days however, you’ll begin work later, you’ll struggle to get motivated, you’ll constantly keep taking breaks, and before you know it, several hours have passed and you’ve done very little. Here are 3 simple ways to help you stop procrastinating.

 ways to stop procrastinating

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Complete the difficult jobs first – It doesn’t matter which jobs you have to complete, some will be easy, and some will be either difficult, or time consuming and tedious. Most people will begin with the easy and simple jobs first, but that isn’t always practical. Putting off hard tasks and jobs as long as possible is futile – you know they need doing, so you may as well do as some of the stop procrastination quotes suggested ” Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him. Also, by tackling the hard tasks first, you get added peace of mind because you know that once they’re done, you’re left with the easy and simple jobs.


Give yourself small rewards for hitting targets – Say you do have a long report or document to type up, rather than simply doing a little bit here and there, you should instead aim to complete it as soon as possible, in as few amount of sittings as possible. To help stop yourself from wasting time, set yourself small rewards for hitting targets. If you are desperate to watch your favourite movie or TV show for example, say that once you’ve managed to type up 2000, 4000, 6000 etc amount of words, then you get to relax and unwind, but not a second before.


Split difficult tasks into smaller ones – If you do have a 10,000 word document that needs creating in seven days time for example, those 10,000 words will look incredibly daunting and the whole task will seem as if it will take forever. If however, you set yourself a target of just 2500 words each day, those 2500 words will be completed pretty quickly, and four days later your 10,000 word document will be ready, leaving you 3 days to edit, add to it if need be, and simply relax, safe in the knowledge that the hard part is now complete, with days to spare.


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